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     In your dry cleaning business, when you start a route, you’ll need a dry cleaning marketing consultant or you can try trial and error or you can go with a mobile dry cleaning franchise. Your drycleaning delivery route program should offer two pick up days and two delivery days.  When starting and building your route, as a drycleaner, you should know how to market and how to start out right before you do anything else. As a dry cleaner, this mobile drycleaning service program you are starting is the beginning of a great opportunity to add to the rest of your services. I’m sure you offer various programs as a dry cleaner, but this pick up and delivery  service of yours is what any consultant worth his salt would recommend you do. If you don’t want to give up a percentage of your drycleaning business, then don’t go with a mobile dry cleaning franchise. They show you how to start your business, but they won’t provide a solid program on how to market your pick-up and delivery services and they’ll take a good chuck of your profits. If you know how to start a business and especially if you already own your drycleaner, you’d be crazy to start up with a mobile dryclean franchise. Marketing is the key on how to market and get tons of route customers. I’m sure as a drycleaner, you know how to dryclean properly, but that’s not going to bring in the business, knowing how to market is going to bring in your customers. So, marketing programs are the key. Find a great opportunity, a great consultant, or just start doing something. Every day you don’t market and get new customers is a lost opportunity. Add a drycleaning route to your list of services and you’ll put more money in that drycleaner pocket of yours. Give me your information above and let’s start to build a successful route program for your dry cleaner.


Greg Colosi

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